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Have you ever just wanted to quilt?

That’s how The Sewing Escape started.  As an elementary school teacher, wife and mother to two children, I always dreamt of having a quiet place to express my creative side that was just mine and I always longed for a quilt — but I had never sewn anything before.

My passion soon sparked a dream: what if I created a space for other sewing enthusiasts to lounge? To leave the responsibilities, the family, and their work all behind? To escape.

I wanted more than anything to create a lounge experience where needle and thread and friends met.

The vision emerged for me. I would develop a beautiful & unique shared studio, a place where we could all create the precious things we make together — not just quilting. For all fiber arts.

And sew, The Sewing Escape was born.

It would give all of us the opportunity to unwind, feel good, relieve stress, boost self-esteem, inspire, learn, experience a longarm, foster creativity, and practice self-care throughout our busy lives, together. This was my passion, my way of giving back, and my way of offering people a way to nourish their souls. It was and still remains my purpose.