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 What's The Sewing Escape? Is it like JoAnn's or Michael's?

The Sewing Escape is a place where people can meet other people that share their interests. It’s a space to relax with projects, both individually or with friends. The studio offers a place to come and unwind, improve sewing talents, and learn new techniques, whether it’s sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery or needlepoint or anything in-between.

Come to sew individually, with friends, or during one of our workshops or classes. The Sewing Escape is a lounge that’s here for you. Fabric and Notions are available for purchase, but the space is primarily used as a lounge to getaway with your favorite project.

 Do you also sell fabric and notions?

The Sewing Escape offers many unique fabrics and notions for purchase. See what’s in stock on here!

 Who is the lounge for?

The Sewing Escape is just that: a bright, relaxing & inviting place to get away & work independently or collaboratively with other sewists. Come as an expert or a novice and enjoy our wonderful space.

 What do you do at The Sewing Escape?

The Sewing Escape is a space to help get projects started or finished, get a boost on a part you’re stuck on, get inspiration to move forward and to learn something new–without the interruptions. Hang with other like-minded people, and just enjoy the art of sewing.

 What days and hours are you open?

Hours vary. Please contact us or visit our Facebook page for the latest weekly hours.

 Can I bring food or drinks?

We ask that sewists be respectful of other sewist’s projects, and as such, that they limit their eating and drinking in the lounge. Water is acceptable, as are certain unique situations that can be discussed with management.

 Do you teach classes at the sewing escape?

Workshops, classes, and meet-ups are always abound at The Sewing Lounge. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and check our Calendar regularly to stay up-to-speed with the latest events!

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 Do you need a sewing machine to buy a session or attend a class/workshop?

The Sewing Escape offers rentals for a nominal fee. Learn more.

 How much does it cost to attend the lounge?

Prices vary depending on open sew time, class or event. Visit our Classes and Events page or check out our calendar to get info on the exact price for your studio time, event or party. Prices are also listed under the events section on our Facebook page .

 What do you provide at the lounge and for classes/workshops?

Each workshop and class varies, and details on materials and price will be noted alongside details for the specific event.

 Can I teach a class/workshop at The Sewing Escape?

Absolutely! Contact us to chat about our criteria and details.

 Who usually teaches the classes/workshops?

Teachers vary from local sewists to sewlebrities, sewing machine experts, and other sewing enthusiasts. Check our events page or follow us on Facebook to see our past and future events and join us!

 Can I host a private event at The Sewing Escape?

You sure can! If you part of a guild that needs a place to meet, or have a group that wants to work on a long-term project together, The Sewing Escape is here for you.

Available by the hour, by the day, or for the whole weekend, The Sewing Escape is ready for your next sewing party. We provide a comfortable, creative environment with all the amenities you need to enable your imagination to come alive. Contact us for details and pricing.

 Do you rent the longarm or can I use it?

The Sewing Escape offers longarm services for a range of projects. Please check details here.