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Longarm Services

The Sewing Escape is pleased to offer beautiful computerized edge-to-edge (E2E) and custom longarm services. We have two longarm Innova machines featuring AutoPilot and Lightning Digital Stitch Regulator. Choose a digitized pattern design from our library. We are also happy to order the necessary pattern to make your quilt pop! 

Please schedule an appointment if you have a quilt you would like quilted.  Drop offs are welcome, but may require a follow-up consultation.

Availability & Pricing

 Edge-to-edge Machine Quilting

E2E quilting is one pattern run with one thread color that covers the whole quilt top. It is sometimes referred to as an “all-over” design. Our Innova longarm machine, equipped with a computerized system, has an extensive library of digitized patterns to choose from.

Turnaround time for an edge-to-edge quilt is usually between 10 days and a month, depending on the project itself.


E2E starts at $0.03* per square inch with a $45 minimum. The guidelines for calculating the base price for machine quilting is determined by the number of square inches (width x length) of your quilt top. The variable in cost depends on a few factors- the density of the quilting pattern, the amount of time on the machine, and the type of thread. Batting and backing fabric are priced separately.

If your quilt requires additional preparation upon its arrival, we are happy to complete the work for you, but add-on fees will be applied ($10 – $25 per item). You will be notified either during the quilt check-in appointment, or via phone or email before the work is done. Payment is required upon delivery.

*Prices subject to change

 Preparing your Quilt Top and Back

You have spent a great deal of time, energy, and creativity in the construction of your beautiful quilt top. Our goal is to handle it with special care and add just the right design to complement your piecing. Quilts are done in the condition that we receive them, so to get the best possible results, please follow these guidelines:

Quilt Top

-Pressing is important and will help turn out a flat quilt. Press your block seams accurately by having all seams pressed open or to one side. Also, press your quilt top from the front.
-Avoid wavy borders. Please note if borders are wavy your finished quilt will require one or multiple tucks.
-Square up and trim the quilt top.
-Depending on the outside border, you may need to stay stitch it with an ⅛” seam allowance and regular stitch length to keep your piecing from coming apart. (Ex. piano keys, bias edges)
-Take time to trim small threads and fabric strings because these will show through after being quilted.
-Remove all pins, and do not add embellishments-it is better to add them after the quilting is completed.
-Indicate the top of the front and the back if there is a preference.

Quilt Backing
-Stitch your backing with a ½” seam allowance and press open.
-Make sure to allow at least 4” extra on all sides due to the way the quilt gets loaded onto the machine. If your quilt is king size or larger please contact us for an estimate on additional inches needed.
-Square your quilt back. This is essential for proper loading of the quilt.
-We offer a limited selection of wide back (108 inches wide) for purchase, or you can supply your own backing.

-It’s now time to select the fluffy and warm part of your quilt. There are many types to choose from, each with unique qualities and factors to consider when deciding which one is best for you. We are happy to help guide you with this. We offer several different types of quality batting that you can buy off the roll in your own custom size. If you would like to provide your own batting, please make sure that it is made specifically for the longarm quilting machines. You are spending money to have it professionally quilted, so be sure to select a batting that will turn your work into a special keepsake.

Note: batting prices vary, please ask for current price.
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